Providing fun, innovative academic programs

for youth and teens.

BGCTC is striving to achieve greater and more consistent impact than ever before, focusing on increasing attendance and meeting the unique needs of each Club member. Our North Star goal is all members on track for a successful future beyond high school graduation”

To elevate academic support, BGCTC’s Education Advisory Council (EAC), a group of innovative and community minded Education Technology companies in the Twin Cities, was established in 2021. The EAC regularly reviews BGCTC’s educational goals, the resources available to address these goals, and makes recommendations on what solutions may be available to address gaps that are identified. Through this partnership, BGCTC has now implemented culturally appropriate physical and digital libraries, professional training for staff, and added new academic resources for BGCTC youth. 

You can help BGCTC kids and teens make academic gains by supporting Success Ahead running NOW through September 30, 2023. Help us make this school year a huge success for ALL BGCTC youth!

Your donation to Success Ahead TODAY will directly support critical needs for young people this school year:

$25: Three culturally appropriate books for literacy programs 

$50: Ten STEM kits for hands on learning 

$100: “Welcome Back” school supplies bucket for one BGCTC Club member 

$500: Teen Pathways Social Justice & Racial Equity Leadership Workshop; Town Halls & Advocacy Events 

$1,000: Week-long in-person Academic Success programming for 10 BGCTC Club members 

STEM Mentors

STEM Mentors

BGCTC is excited to continue the STEM mentor partnership with the Sea Research Foundation. The group mentoring program is for youth ages 6–10. STEM Mentoring brings together youth and mentors for fun, hands-on activities about science, technology, engineering,...

Over the last year, the Education Advisory Council and BGCTC have implemented: 

  • New Hardcover Libraries of 1,000 books for grades K-5 at 6 Club sites 
  • Personalized Digital Libraries for each child for grades K-12  
  • Personalized Full Academic Support System for grades 6-9  
  • Professional Staff Development for Literacy Instruction