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What I Love About the Clubs

Members share what they love about the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities, and the impact the clubs have made on their communities.

Invest in an Equitable Future

An investment in the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities literally changes lives. You can give time, donate money, even help us spread the word–whatever works. It all makes a difference.

“BGCTC has done an incredible job serving Twin Cities youth in the face of both a global pandemic and significant social and civil unrest. The clubs have never mattered more and they are leading from the front. Their commitment to measurable outcomes among their club kids is inspiring.”

“Wonderful organization making a positive impact on the life of so many local youth. The organization is run very professionally, and volunteering is always a blast!”

“BGC-TC is an amazing organization that is doing such tremendous work to help the youth in our community. I’ve been lucky enough to serve on the Associate Board for the last 2+ years, and I’m consistently amazed at the ways in which the BGC-TC staff are creating a positive impact on the lives of the Club youth.”


The Club’s Formula for Impact defines specific strategies to increase quality programming for three priority outcomes: Academic Success, Good Character & Leadership, and Healthy Lifestyles.

In the Twin Cities, we are finding great success in strengthening the quality of our programs and increasing frequency of a Club member’s daily attendance.  We are implementing a Club Experience filled with life-changing programs, fun and enriching activities, and supportive relationships with peers and caring adults. The combination of these critical elements enables and empowers Club youth to achieve positive outcomes.


The Academic Success strategy assists young people to succeed in academics. Programs provide youth opportunities for career exploration, educational enhancement, and augmented learning in literacy, finance, arts, and technology.


Our Healthy Lifestyles strategy develops young people’s capacity to live healthfully by educating youth about fitness, nutrition and smart decisions. Activities focus on instilling positive conflict resolution techniques, engaging in positive behaviors, setting personal goals, and building resistance skills that nurture and strengthen their minds and bodies.


The Good Character & Leadership strategy encourages youth to be engaged by providing character, leadership, and service learning opportunities to Club members. Programs encourage youth to develop planning and decision making skills by supporting and influencing their Club and community.


Voyageur is a year-round environmental education center that is owned and operated by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities. Voyageur serves as a residential camp for Boys & Girls Club youth during the summer and offers the youth opportunities to visit camp throughout the school year.


Annual Corporate Partners