Associate Board 

The Associate Board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities works to create awareness, promote volunteerism and raise funds through a new generation of supporters for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities. Through developing relationships with individuals and corporations new to the Boys & Girls Clubs movement, the Associate Board aims to create and improve opportunities for local youth and in return strengthen the competitiveness and vitality of the Minneapolis/St. Paul community.

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Who We Are:

The Associate Board started in 2009 with the purpose of fostering engagement, volunteerism, and financial support for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities through a group of young professionals who share a passion for our local youth’s development. Over the past eleven years, the board has grown from five members to 40, ranging in age from 23 to 39 years old, all with careers in different industries and organizations.  

Board Member Engagement:

The Associate Board provides an excellent opportunity for civic-minded professionals to involve themselves in their community, develop leadership skills and network with peers. Associate Board members host numerous fundraising and social events throughout the year as well as regularly scheduled group volunteer outings at Club sites. Established in 2009, the Associate Board has flourished as an accompanying entity to the existing Board of Directors and Women’s Association in promoting the growth of the Boys & Girls Clubs. Associate Board members work hand-in-hand with Board of Directors members on committees determining broad programmatic and development initiatives for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities, offering a unique role of action and influence.  


The Associate Board meets regularly 1-2 times each month to learn more about the Clubs, engage in volunteer opportunities, and brainstorm event and fundraising ideas!   

Associate Board Roster:

Interested in learning more? Contact Amy Kuehn at

  • Alex Alders
  • Amy Kuehn
  • Andy Weinert
  • Amy Gasman
  • Brock Safe
  • Carrie Dahl
  • Catherine Smalley
  • Churchill Hammond
  • Connor Tedstrom
  • Craig Swenson
  • Eric Johnston
  • Erik Borgstrom
  • Erik Gorsuch
  • Isaac Schultz
  • Jadd Halawani
  • Jillian Stahl
  • Jim Miley
  • Joe Geistfeld (Secretary)
  • Joe Shoulak
  • Joe Winter
  • John Richards
  • John Rikess
  • Jordon Eder
  • JT Arseniadis 
  • Katie Mochoruk
  • Kelli Lundberg
  • Kelly Almquist
  • Kendall Kolinski (President)
  • Kyle Sanford
  • Laura Blomberg (Vice President)
  • Laura Preston
  • Leslye Suarez
  • Maggie Lund 
  • Nick Sacco
  • Patrick Bowe
  • Paul Murphy
  • Rachel Kelash
  • Rachel Raske
  • Raquel De La Bastide
  • Ryan Griffin
  • Sam Rondorf
  • Sean Murphy
  • Stephany Osuji
  • Tim Coen
  • Tim Schober