of our members are on track to graduate high school on time.

of our high school members are making plans to complete a 4-year degree.

of our teen members secured employment during summer 2015.

About Teen Pathways

Teen Pathways is a program designed for teen members as they prepare to graduate high school. The purpose of this program is to lower the number of disconnected youth in our community by introducing Club members to multiple post-secondary options through field-based learning experiences.

This type of learning environment provides youth with direct interaction with real-life experiences that help guide decision making regarding career choices.

The first milestone utilizes the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s program curriculum to teach youth about topics that are vital in finding and maintaining a career successfully. Youth will also begin to explore a variety of different career path options. 


Milestone Requirements:
*Career Launch Program

*Money Matters Program

*One corporate visit

* Two electives

Members will continue on their journey of exploring various career opportunities and work to prepare themselves for their transition into the workforce. 


Milestone Requirements: 

*Goals for Graduation Program

*One corporate visit

*Three electives

For the third milestone of the program, members will work with mentors to develop a plan for their future and put that plan into motion. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities will work with community partners to connect as many interested youth as possible to internships, apprenticeships, and jobs. 


Milestone Requirements: 

*Create a career plan

*Receive and accept a job offer or receive a significant accomplishment, such as an internship, acceptance into a post-secondary school, or acceptance into an apprenticeship.

Teen Pathways Milestones

Alumni & Friends

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