NEW Garden Program at Voyageur – Fall 2023 Newsletter

Through the spring and summer, Voyageur staff, Club youth, volunteers, and community partners worked together to create a beautiful new garden space at Voyageur Environmental Center. BGCTC youth spent time in the garden learning about food systems, farming, and how to support a healthy ecosystem through sustainable land management practices. They also enjoyed tasting the variety of organic fruits and vegetables they grew and gained additional knowledge about the use of Voyageur’s new greenhouse,complete with a pond that models the ecology of Little Long Lake. Campers drew inspiration from the beauty of the garden, filling the walls of the Greenhouse and the lodge with their very own artistic depictions of pollinators and plants.

Additionally, BGCTC campers were surprised with a guest appearance from the owner and head beekeeper of Ames Farm, Brian Fredericksen, who partners with Voyageur Environmental Center to host honeybee hives on the camp property. Brian brought delicious varieties of single-source honey and honeycomb for youth to taste, as well as actual honeybee hive frames for youth to gain hands-on experience in “reading” a frame to help them understand the overall progress of the hive.

Real life exposure to gardens and gardening teaches youth about different sources of fresh produce, demonstrates community stewardship, and introduces the importance of environmental sustainability. BGCTC’s Health & Wellness programming supports young people in building the healthy life skills they need to navigate important life decisions and cultivate a healthy lifestyle now and or their future

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