Mental Wellness Teen Retreat

Several teens at the Eastside Club recently took the initiative to organize and host a mental wellness teen retreat, with the goal of providing a space to relax and rejuvenate. Throughout the evening retreat, there were four different stations set up for youth to practice mental wellness activities: art therapy, music therapy, yoga, and a problem-solving game room. At the end of the evening, groups came back together for an interactive wrap-up conversation motivated by Skittles candy! More than 40 teens attended the event. One Club member, *Max, assisted the art therapy room. He said that some of the young people were a little nervous to try it out at first, but, “it only took one person to start for all to follow, and they ended up having fun.”

BGCTC is so proud of the Club teens who organized this night, and we are committed to providing safe spaces for these types of youth wellness activities.

*Name changed for privacy

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