Give in Gratitude: The Davis Family

The Davis* family of four siblings, all between grades four and seven, have been attending Club programs for the past five years; they are just one example of how BGCTC continues to make a positive impact for youth families. John Bryant, Club Program Director, says the Davises are “a strong family that sticks together and holds each other accountable for their actions.” The Club is a safe space where they feel connected with staff and friends, play sports, get involved with arts and crafts, STEM projects, Torch Club, and field trips, and even receive healthy meals to bring home on the weekends. The Davis siblings are grateful for a welcoming Club where they can work on achieving their goals and becoming better citizens in the community. They “appreciate the Club more than ever” and always look forward to seeing staff and friends at the Club. Our staff are so grateful for the opportunity to help these incredible young people reach their full potential!
*Name changed for privacy

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