The Importance of Nutrition: Honoring Our Cooks

At BGCTC, we know the importance of nutrition and nutrition education for the young people we serve. In addition to providing healthy meals and snacks, youth engage in the Kids Feeding Kids program, which educates youth about nutrition and provides hands-on experience in the kitchen. This would not be possible without our dedicated cooks, who play a pivotal role in shaping the health and well-being of both youth and staff. It is with great pride that we take a moment to introduce and honor a few today:

Ms. Betty

Ms. Betty has been with the organization for 18 years and was one of the main contributors in creating the Kids Feeding Kids program! Her favorite part about being a cook at Southside Village Club is seeing the look of happiness on the faces of youth when they are eating. She has also heard gratitude from parents that rely on the Clubs’ food program.

Ms. Betty’s impact has been seen and retold by alumni as they come back to visit and share meals and memories made over the years.

James Taylor

James has been a cook at the East Side Club for 1.5 years. His favorite part of being a Club cook is running a cooking class with the teens (although, Club staff say he also loves it when they tell him his food is delicious). He encourages youth to help in the kitchen with daily meal preparation.

James prepared a spicy Jambalaya for East Side’s Holiday Party last year that has now become one of the most popular dishes. He even served it at a recent staff meeting and it was a huge hit!

*pictured on the right

Ms. Lucy

Ms. Lucy has been with Jerry Gamble Club for over 3 years. Staff say she is an amazing cook and always makes sure everyone receives nutritious meals when they are at the Club.

Ms. Lucy loves cooking for special community events at the Club – ranging from Black History Month events to holiday parties (usually one each month). Ms. Lucy is also dedicated to keeping the kitchen in order with preparedness and presentation of the food. She enjoys sharing this by showing future young cooks the importance of keeping a clean and sanitized kitchen.

Miss Matoke

Miss Matoke has been with the Clubs for 12 years and currently serves at the Al Lenzmeier West Side Club. She loves being with youth and having help in the kitchen when preparing meals. One of her special skills is getting creative in changing up recipes so that young people enjoy it, all while getting the nutrition they need.

Miss Matoke is also known for being a huge fan of seafood and venison, but even more so for being a truly genuine person.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all our cooks at BGCTC for their amazing work in teaching young people about nutrition and providing healthy meals (for staff too!). You make our community brighter and healthier every day!

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