Success Ahead: Nia’s Story

Nia’s Story: Nia* is a fifth-grade student attending the Jerry Gamble Club in North Minneapolis and a BGCTC Club 52 Member, meaning she attends the Club often. From fall to winter, she moved from the high-risk category in reading to the some-risk category and raised her cumulative score by 15 points! She is currently reading at the 4-5th grade level. Nia has participated in our reading program for 63 days, completing 94.5 hours.

Here is what the staff have to say about Nia: 

“Nia* has been at the Club for two years now and has consistently shown leadership skills and an infectious sense of humor. Whether it was distance learning or after school, she’s shown intrinsic motivation in her schoolwork which has rubbed off on others. Being one of the older members in the fourth to fifth grade group, she’s taken on a role in which she helps younger kids with their homework as well as being a dependable station leader. Her smile and laugh light up the room and she is a joy to have at the Club.” 

Great work, Nia! 

*Name changed for privacy.

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