Success Ahead: Benji’s Story

Benji is a first grader and club member attending at our West Side Club in St. Paul and takes part in our Numeracy Enrichment program. From Fall to Winter, he has moved from the high-risk category in Math to the low-risk category. He also participated in the literacy program and completed over 84 hours of literacy work! According to staff, “Benji has to be the most energetic child in the universe! He is very expressive and is a passionate artist. He is a very caring big brother. Benji is beginning to understand why learning is so important to his life.” 

We’re so proud of you, Benji! 

Grades K-8 Numeracy Enrichment* – hands-on, multisensory math stations centered on Minnesota Academic Standards in Mathematics to help youth build math proficiency. Topics include counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations, measurement and data, and geometry. * Expanded to grades 6-8 September 2021   

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