Today’s youth spend less and less time outdoors, taking a toll on their health and well-being. Research shows that children do better both physically and emotionally when they are in green spaces, benefiting from positive feelings, stress reduction, and experiencing the attention restoration that nature promotes. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities (BGCTC) offers Club youth year-round opportunities to experience BGCTC’s Voyageur Environmental Center, located on 110 acres of forested, rolling hills overlooking Little Long Lake, just 25 miles west of the Twin Cities in Mound, Minnesota.

The concept “NURTURE THROUGH NATURE” is fundamental to BGCTC’s holistic programming at Voyageur that includes team-building games, waterfront experiences, outdoor survival challenges, gardening activities, and overnight residential camping. These skill-building activities help youth develop a desire to learn through exploration, deepen their interest in STEM careers, enhance their creativity, and become better stewards of the environment.

We ask you to support youth access to environmental education and outdoor experiences through

Spirit of Voyageur, running now through June 30, 2023. A recurring monthly donation, no matter the amount, is a powerful investment in the next generation of environmental stewards and leaders.

Your donation to Spirit of Voyageur TODAY will support these critical needs:

    $25: 1 STEM water quality test kit
    $50: 1 pair of snowshoes
    $100: 1 full campsite cook kit
    $500: 1 Buddy Board water safety system OR offset Club transportation costs
    $1,000+: 1 Splash mat water float OR support for facility improvements

      Overnight Camping is back!

      Overnight Camping is back!

      This year, Voyageur is celebrating the return of overnight wilderness camping! This program emphasizes self-reliance, leadership, and cooperation. Our campers will start by choosing the necessary gear and food required for their journey. This gear is packed into a...

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      Spirit of Voyageur: Year-Round Education

      Spirit of Voyageur: Year-Round Education

      The staff at The staff at Voyageur are dedicated to finding new ways for youth to experience outdoor education YEAR-ROUND! One way this has been accomplished is through the creation of Tree Trek, a new interactive way to learn about the trees, ecology, and natural...

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