Self-Expression through Creativity, Collaboration, and Choreography

The Dance Program at BGCTC’s Olson Middle School Club is an engaging opportunity for Club youth to express themselves through movement. Led by Khallyah, a Club Alumni and now BGCTC staff member, the program brings together Club participants twice a week.  

Starting with stretches to prepare their bodies, youth then split into groups to collaboratively choreograph dances. This creative process fosters teamwork among the members. At the end of each session teams showcase their choreography in a “Thrilling Stand Battle” dance-off.

Beyond the physical benefits, BGCTC’s dance program serves as a platform for personal growth and connection. Participants not only improve their fitness but also develop social skills and confidence as they work together towards common goals.  

When asked why others should join the dance program, *Ngozi said, “More people should join dance because it’s fun, it helps you build bonds, and stops [you from] being shy.” 

Through programs like these, BGCTC continues to empower youth, fostering holistic development, and self-expression through the art of dance.

*name changed for privacy

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