Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s tested and proven programs address today’s most pressing youth issues.
Young people learn the skills they need to succeed in life—what’s more important than that?

Academic Success

The Academic Success strategy assists young people to succeed in academics. Programs provide youth opportunities for career exploration, educational enhancement, and augmented learning in literacy, finance, arts, and technology.

Healthy Lifestyles

Our Healthy Lifestyles strategy develops young people’s capacity to live healthfully by educating youth about fitness, nutrition and smart decisions. Activities focus on instilling positive conflict resolution techniques, engaging in positive behaviors, setting personal goals, and building resistance skills that nurture and strengthen their minds and bodies.

Good Character & Leadership

The Good Character & Leadership strategy encourages youth to be engaged by providing character, leadership, and service learning opportunities to Club members. Programs encourage youth to develop planning and decision making skills by supporting and influencing their Club and community.