Nevaeh’s Story

Nevaeh, a Club alumni, has taken several trips to Voyageur and has reflected on her experience attending the Voyageur Teen Leadership Conference with gratitude. Her time at Voyageur has given her confidence, a strong voice, and leadership skills.

Camp Voyageur was always something I looked forward to – going there for Teen Camp, going fishing and ice fishing with Coach Bryant, and being a camper. I have experienced the most influence about my future goals when I attended Camp Voyageur for teen camp.

The theme for teen camp in the winter of 2020 was Olympics. I met a lot of new people while I was there from all the different Clubs. Teen Camp made me learn to find my voice more, and really opened my eyes on leadership and how I can step up and become a better leader as I grow into an adult.

Coach Bryant used to take a bunch of us from Jerry Gamble to Camp Voyageur to go fishing and ice fishing. I have learned a lot about fishing over these past couple of years. I loved to help with the younger kids when we went fishing – putting bait on the hooks, helping them reel in the fish, and taking the fish off the hooks. This was the first time I started to learn that I had leadership skills in me and could utilize my leadership.

My future goal is to start my own business in Cosmetology. Camp Voyageur helped me out by learning to speak up more and not being shy around others. If I want to start my own business especially in Cosmetology, I need to talk to other people and be able to make good connections with them. To start that, I need to become a leader and break out of my shell, and camp did that for me. I’m really glad I got to experience teen camp and regular camp when I was younger because it helped me look at the world in a different way. It was the best experience as a Club kid and I want to say thank you to all the campers, C.I.T’s (Counselors in Training), and counselors for helping me break out of my little shy shell and help me become the person I am today.

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