It’s an “Amazing Race” for Olson Middle School – Fall 2023 Newsletter

Olson Middle School Club members celebrated the last day of summer programming with a fun and interactive Field Day. Club youth teamed up to compete in a game of “Amazing Race,” utilizing different skill sets they had worked on over the summer to complete a variety of challenging tasks and activities. There were games of kickball, sailing toy ships, water balloon tosses, and relay races. Each team got to choose which teammate would complete in each activity and worked together to make sure everyone got a chance to participate. Then, once an activity was completed, each team earned a letter that would eventually spell out the word “SUMMER”.

BGCTC’s Health & Wellness strategy develops young people’s capacity to live healthfully by educating youth about fitness, nutrition, smart decision making, and trauma-informed care practices. Club Field Days directly support this by keeping youth active while working collectively as a team to create plans, problem solve, and complete goals as a collective peer group.

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