Nourishing Bodies and Friendships

The Mt. Airy Club is fortunate to receive donations from Kowalski’s each week so that Club families can bring home fresh, healthy groceries. The fruits, vegetables, and non-perishables donated by Kowalski’s have positively impacted hundreds of kids and families throughout our St. Paul community.

Piper and Everett, 8th graders at Mt. Airy, have learned how to nourish their bodies by creating nutritious meals and snacks from the food donations. Piper enjoyed the guacamole-making contest held by the Club. “We had to pick tomatoes and onions from the garden and make our own guacamole in the kitchen,” she says. “It helped us learn how to be healthier because we had to search the healthiest recipes beforehand and learn how to make it for ourselves.”

Piper and Everett grew up at the Mt. Airy Club together and have shared common experiences. They both feel that the Club has helped them to make new friends, get involved in social activities, and better communicate their feelings and needs to others. 

Everett’s participation at the Club has even changed his lifestyle—he now has a fun, safe place to engage in social activities and build friendships. “Before the Club, I used to just go home and go to sleep,” he says. “There wasn’t much for me to do. Now I come to the Club and can be more social. It’s just easier to make friends here. We’re like family.”

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