Growing Strong: Ethan

BGCTC prioritizes social-emotional learning activities to help youth and teens make healthy, positive choices, manage their emotions, and process issues they are facing in their communities. The Southside Village Club has seen great success while working with Club youth to improve social-emotional skills. Ethan*, a second grader, has attended the Club since kindergarten. While participating in circle time to discuss emotions and problems he faces each day, Ethan has shown tremendous improvement in his ability to focus, learn, hold himself accountable for his actions, and think more positively.

Last year, Ethan struggled to come in from recess to focus on class at the Club; he would often become upset or try to hide outside. Over the past several months, with support from Club staff, he has realized that class is helpful and important, and he gets excited to participate! Our staff love to support Ethan and are so proud of his progress.

*Name changed for privacy.


As an additional health resource, BGCTC began utilizing the 7 Mindsets social-emotional learning curriculum this year, designed to promote relationship skills, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and positive mental and emotional health. 7 Mindsets provides impactful lessons, activities, and resources for Club staff, youth, and teens to use for building a healthy life and career. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, this resource has been and will continue to be critical for our entire organization to learn to integrate social-emotional skills and awareness throughout everything we do.

Club teens are currently working through Unit 1 of the 7 Mindsets curriculum. Core topics include: overcoming fear and self-doubt; believing in yourself, others, and the world around you; understanding the role of the creative process in achieving life success; understanding the power of thinking positively; and understanding the need to adjust and take risks while pursing goals.

Club staff have said that the curriculum has helped youth speak up in class and voice their opinions and thoughts about certain questions and topics. We are excited to see how this new curriculum impacts Club staff, youth, and families in the future!

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