Give in Gratitude: David

Middle school student David* has been a Club member for over seven years. Now 13 years old, David – along with his three siblings – has made the Jerry Gamble Club a positive and important part of his everyday life. David loves the Club culture and is always willing to get involved in Club activities. He is a football and baseball enthusiast, and he often heads to the gymnasium to play sports and other games as soon as he finishes his homework. 
David is very focused on his education, and although he’s had a tough time with some of the COVID-19 restrictions, he has adjusted well to his distance learning and is working hard to excel in his course work. Even though he misses his classmates and playing sports at school, he says that being careful and staying safe is the right thing to do during these challenging times. 
Coach John Bryant, program coordinator and longtime athletics director at the Jerry Gamble Club, praises David’s growth and character development over the years. “David is determined and caring; he’s a passionate young man, smart and resilient,” says Coach Bryant. “He challenges himself to become a better person and make good decisions because he has to be a role model for his younger siblings. What a great young man – I’m looking for great things in the future from him!” 
*Name changed for privacy.

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