Volunteer With Us!

An investment in the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities literally changes lives.

You can give time, donate money, even help us spread the word—whatever works.

It all makes a difference.

Did You Know?
This year, we have had 2,700 volunteers who have given 14,000 hours of their time!

Did You Know?
The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities has over 50 corporate and community groups that actively volunteer with us!


Participate in individual volunteer activities and/or assist with a special club event. Each volunteer applicant will need to fill out an application/background check. Applications are available at the administrative center, or club location sites and by the online volunteer application.

Split into groups of 1-2 people for individual activities or as a group to assist with a special club event or implement a volunteer event (with the input of Club Branch Director) to help maintain and improve club facilities.

Implement a volunteer event (with the input of Club Branch Director) to help maintain and improve club facilities such as cleaning, landscaping, painting, etc.

Create an activity or event to benefit club members or club site.


Every day, Club members enjoy a healthy meal together. Meals include foods from at least two major food groups and are served by trained snack helpers. The East Side, Southside Village, Al Lenzmeier West Side Club, Mt. Airy, and Jerry Gamble locations provide full meals through the Kids Feeding Kids program. As a volunteer, you can help facilitate and manage the Kids Feeding Kids program. Help serve food, monitor the cafeteria, or use your cooking skills to help prepare meals!

A new college readiness program that provides a range of services to guide Club members as they work toward high school graduation and prepare for post-secondary education and career success.

Goals for Graduation introduces Club members ages 6 to 15 to the concept of academic goal setting. In one-on-one sessions with mentors, members set achievable “Know-I-Can” goals, more challenging “Think-I-Can” goals, and yearly “Believe-I-Can” goals, each with action plans.

Help youth achieve and maintain fitness, acquire a broad range of skills, and develop a sense of teamwork, cooperation, and fairness that leads to the development of healthy lifestyle patterns. Coaches needed for winter basketball and spring/summer softball and baseball, along with seasonal volleyball coaches.

If you are especially enthusiastic about working with younger members, ages 5-9, volunteer to work with our STARS program. Assist our youngest members with art and music activities, reading, games and more. Volunteering in our STARS program is a rewarding way to serve the youngest members of your community as they journey to become responsible, caring young adults.


Read More About Our STARS Program

Do you have a special skill that would be useful to our clubs or their members? Do you want to use that skill to enrich the lives of young people throughout the Twin Cities? You can do just that with Boys & Girls Clubs! Lead or assist with art classes, computer skills workshops, music studio performances and more!

More comprehensive Environmental Education and outdoor recreational programming is offered at the BGCTC Voyageur Environmental Center.