BGCTC’s Forgiveness, Meditation, and Yoga

Southside Village Club has partnered with The Power of Forgiveness Mpls, an organization that embraces forgiveness as a tool to cultivate a spirit of empathy, compassion, and understanding. Twice each week, youth come together to talk about who they would like to forgive, sometimes including discussions around self-forgiveness. The program builds habits so when youth encounter obstacles, they accept, resolve, and let go. Following these discussions, youth participate in a guided meditation to practice grounding and calming down. The group closes each session by supporting their physical well-being through yoga.

One Club member, *Amari, said, “Forgiveness has given me the confidence to talk things through. I can make myself calmer and let things go.”

BGCTC is grateful for partnerships like The Power of Forgiveness Mpls, collaborating to nurture the physical and mental wellbeing of Club youth.

*name changed for privacy

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