Our Mt. Airy Club in St. Paul is home to a College & Career Center, powered by The Hartford.

The College & Career Center has put us one step closer to our goal of having every Club member graduate on time with a plan for their future. The Center provides guidance in four key areas: Career Exploration and Matching, First-Job Skills Development, Work-Based Learning Experiences and Planning for the Future.

Club members can gain hands-on workforce experience through activities and programs such as company tours, career fairs, and summer internships. Club members also receive assistance with college and employment applications and participate in mock interviews, developing the technical and soft skills necessary to compete in the 21st Century workforce.

In 2018, 112 St. Paul teens were served by the College & Career Center. Of these participants, 23 completed Work-based Learning Experiences, such as internships and seasonal employment within the Club, as well as external job placements.