2017 Live Auction Items

The Polaris RZR Trail will get you where you want to go in STYLE!

The Polaris RZR Trail comes fully equipped with everything you could want or need to make your riding experience amazing. The RZR includes the Polaris Northstar coolers which can survive just about anything – from extreme heat to a full-on bear attack. Ice will stay cold for hours on end, and anything inside will stay locked up tight. Build you tool storage solution from the ground up with this professional grade, 11-drawer Bottom Chest.

The Polaris P2000i generator is the ideal all-around model because it fits most portable power needs with its lightweight and ergonomic design. It features multiple 120 volt AC outlets and a 12 volt DC outlet with circuit breaker protection. 1 gallon of gas allows it to run for 10 hours at 25% load with the mart throttle on, plus it stays quiet and has 2000 watt maximum AC output.

The tunes will be blasting out of every corner of you ride with the RZR Audio roof with integrated 33” light bar! You will also light up the night with the RZR high performance LED headlights which you can adjust both the high and low beams to your liking!

This ride comes with it ALL, cooler, lights sound, power, party! You also get your own trailer to help you bring the party wherever!

Donor: Polaris and Stonebrooke Equipment

Polaris and VORE Adrenaline Compound have teamed up to offer you an Adrenaline filled weekend in the adult playground we like to call Las Vegas, Nevada. This trip will include ROUND-TRIP AIRFARE and a 2 NIGHT STAY in a hotel on for you and 3 guests.

The VORE Adrenaline Compound is located just off of the Las Vegas Strip.  You and 3 guests will race for 10 laps in our custom VORE Polaris RZRs on our custom designed short course and then you will experience a 30 mile desert RZR experience plus your group will race 10 laps in the VORE challenge race trucks on our short course track.

Your package includes our premier media package (Pictures and video of your group captured with our drone plus Sony action cameras captured on a 16gb USB stick). We will serve lunch for 4 and provide transportation to and from your hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

What are you waiting for?  Come race the RZRs and be a BAJA race truck driver over our 40 foot table top jump and strap in for some serious adrenaline!

Donor: VORE